Transformation through communication

Inside every company, every organisation and every product are hidden intrinsic essential truths that define the essence and marvels that make a product or service unique and different.
Revealing those hidden essential truths so that they are understood and clarified releases the enormous latent power of a company or products story. A tool that acts as a mirror and true reflection of reality, guides actions in relation to aspiration, business strategy and clear communication.
Our transformational process of realisation is an objective catalyst that reveals intrinsic and essential truths which are then harnessed to deliver deeply relevant brand positioning and story telling.


Typical areas of expertise

Business consultation
Brand strategy
Brand workshops
PR and Media strategy

Case studies

John Sisk & Son part of The Sisk Group is the leading building contractor in Ireland and has regional offices in the UK. Band London were appointed in 2010 to help the company achieve a step change in Health and Safety.


Establishing the core brand strength for a major global real estate company. Lend Lease is one of the largest construction and real estate companies in the world with a desire to build greater awareness.


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