Band stories - Building on the success of a multinational construction business

Lend Lease is a large, global real estate services company of Australian origin. A PLC which is listed on the Australian market. In 1999, Lend Lease purchased Bovis, the prestigious British construction and real estate company. It was shortly after that Band founding partner Jim Andrews began working with Lend Lease, initially on projects for the companies Pharmaceutical division.

Get under the skin of the business

Band undertook in depth interviews with clients to get an up to the minute perception of the companies strengths and weaknesses relative to their competitors. Having established an understanding of what clients thought about both businesses, their competitors and of course what the clients themselves required, we ran a number of workshops with the companies senior management in different locations throughout the world.

Intelligently Managing Successful Outcomes

In collaboration we established this compelling core brand proposition, which truly described what the businesses had to offer and what makes them unique.

Evolve the programme; work with the internal teams to help bring the brand to life

With the strategy set we helped develop budgets, prepared a media plan and PR strategy. As the campaign unfolded, Band put in place a series of proactive initiatives. Specialist exhibitions were booked, stands designed, advertising written, literature created, support materials and interactive invites. A quarterly technical trade journal produced. The annual report revitalised, corporate brochures designed and websites overhauled.


At the time a survey commissioned by The Financial Times on the world’s most respected companies ranked Bovis Lend Lease Pharmaceutical 9th in the top ten companies in Energy and Chemical alongside DuPont, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Bayer, and Exxon Mobil. A remarkable and important turnaround in the awareness and status of this company.

Largely due to the success of our early work, Band were tasked with working across numerous areas of the business over the coming decade, including their graduate recruitment program, tender documents and board level films. We developed the communication and strategy for the Incident & Injury Free safety initiative as well as literature for their Multi-Site and Life Science divisions.

"Band's communication methodology resulted in the core definition that differentiates us as a business. They brought it to life visually in an inspiring and innovative way across all our communication needs."

Robert Leisk, Life Science consultant and Former VP Lend Lease US

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