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Following a successful rebranding and digital project for one of it’s satellite companies, Band was commissioned to rebrand Lifetime Group, a large financial management parent company with a track record of acquiring smaller firms. The existing brand was tired and outdated, not befitting of a company with the ambition of Lifetime Group.

A visual identity with space to grow

Following a digital and communications audit of the entire company, Band began a phase of creative work with the senior management to explore what the visual identity of the company should look like. The outcome was a set of assets which could be used to build a modern and sophisticated brand, including a flexible device with the ability to adapt and grow with the Group as it acquired further companies.

Providing the tools for long-term success

Once the visual identity was approved, Band began applying the assets created to all areas of the company’s communication activity. Sub brands were updated using the new device and a new corporate website was designed and built. A full set of company literature was produced along with digital templates. Later in the process the brand was rolled out to exhibition graphics and signage.


Lifetime Group stepped up it’s partnership and acquisition strategy, growing it’s business further on the foundation of a strong brand identity. As of 2020, Lifetime Group became an appointed representative of financial powerhouse Quilter Financial Services.

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