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What began as a one-off communications project turned into a long-term relationship with information, data and storage innovators Iron Mountain. Their trust in Band has led to hundreds of projects, ranging in size and complexity, where Band has acted as an extension of their marketing department.

Day-to-day support

Band are an integral part of the day-to-day marketing activity at Iron Mountain, producing a vast range of communications, often in very short spaces of time. Band regularly produce service brochures, advertising, exhibition material, interactive infographics, reports and video content.. Band are respected and trusted to get the job done and get it done well.

Key projects delivered with results to match

Iron Mountain has commissioned Band to deliver key projects over the years. Notable examples were a large and detailed tender document, produced under strict guidelines and timeframes. Working closely with the bid team, the tender was completed to a high standard and played an important part in securing a sizable new business account and long-term client for Iron Mountain. The second example was a complex Retention Guide, outlining legal best practice across the whole of Europe. This was created in collaboration with 15 law firms from 15 different countries, who Band liaised directly with on behalf of Iron Mountain. The end result was an incredibly valuable asset to Iron Mountain which became the most downloaded piece of content in the history of the company.


Band has overseen a huge array of projects for Iron Mountain, acting as guardians through two major brand reviews. The longevity of the relationship is testament to the trust placed in Band to deliver the high quality marketing communications expected from a major blue-chip client.

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